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The Great War Display Team (GWDT) consists of replica WW1 aircraft: -
4 x RAF SE5's,
1 x Sopwith Triplane,
1 x Sopwith Pup,
1 x Fokker Eindecker,
1 x Fokker Dr.1 Triplane,
2 x Junkers CL.1's,
1 x Nieuport 17.

The SE5As flying with the Team are 7/8ths replicas but handle and perform just like the real aircraft.

Three are in the markings of 24 Sqn RFC and the fourth in the markings of 25th American Pursuit Sqn, which operated ex-RFC SE5As.

One of the RFC aircraft is flown by Doug Gregory who is now 84 years young, and is the only member of the team to have done this for real, flying Beaufighters, Mosquito and Spitfires in the Second World War and earning himself a DFC in the process!

Display Pilots: -
Doug Gregory (SE5A)
Des Biggs (SE5A)
Vic Lockwood (SE5A)
Dave Linney (SE5A)
Charlie Huke (SE5A)

Gordon Brander (Sopwith Triplane)

Richard Piper (Sopwith Pup)

John Day (Fokker Triplane)

Dan Griffith (Junkers CL1)
Robb Metcalfe (Junkers CL1)
Francis Donaldson (Junkers CL1)

Display Information
The aircraft are available to display with all 10 aircraft or fewer if required.

The exhilarating display lasts 12-15 minutes with dogfights between allied and German aircraft. Bombs are dropped and aircraft shot down, departing the scene trailing smoke.

The whole exciting spectacle takes place immediately in front of the crowd, and the aircraft are in sight and sound throughout the display - never being more that 1,000 metres from the display centre.

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©Dave Key Great War Display Team (Duxford 2007)

Great War Display Team photographed at Duxford 2007.

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Team Viper                          Yakolevs
Photographs ©Dave Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
Nieuport 17 (Duxford 2012) Fokker DR1 (Duxford 2012) Sopwith Triplane (Duxford 2012)
Duxford 2012
Duxford 2012
Duxford 2012
Nieuport 17 (Duxford 2011) Nieuport 17 (Duxford 2011) Fokker DR1 (Duxford 2011)
Duxford 2011
Duxford 2011
Duxford 2011
Fokker Dr.1 Triplane (Duxford 2007) Sopwith Triplane (Duxford 2007) Fokker Dr.1 Triplane (Duxford 2007)
Duxford 2007
Duxford 2007
Duxford 2007
Nieuport 17 (Duxford 2007) Nieuport 17 (Duxford 2007) Sopwith Triplane (Duxford 2007)
Duxford 2007
Duxford 2007
Duxford 2007

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