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Badger Airbrush Precision Spray Set # 200-3
The Badger 200-3 Airbrush is capable of spraying virtually any properly thinned material, with an adjustable spray pattern of between 1.6mm and 51mm for spraying any area and the ability to use any air system (propellant, compressor, Co2 tank) this Airbrush is very flexible.

The Badger 200-3 Precision Airbrush operates on 20 50 PSI (1.4 3.5 bar) for consistent results and a new drop in top design for easy cleaning. Teflon head seal assures efficient airflow.

The Badger 200-3 Precision Airbrush Set is ideal for any model maker.

Badger 250-3 Airbrush
The 250-3 Badger Airbrush spray gun set is perfect for jobs requiring overall coverage including custom painting, workshop/garage jobs, home improvements, school projects, model, hobby and craft work, ceramic under and over glazing, fogging, texturing and stenciling.

Suitable for professionals and amateurs alike and is basic enough for children aged 12+.

Airbrush Pro series BD-130
Airbrush Pro series BD-130 with gravity feed and advanced double action trigger to activate and control the air and paint mixture.

Fitted with 7cc top cup. Designed for comfort and built for optimum quality.

The BD-130 is a professional airbrush and will work to fine lines of less than 1mm with outstanding results from graphic design work through to custom car artwork.

Body length 150mm, Nozzle dia 0.3mm, Working pressure 15-50 psi, 1 x Metal cup 7cc.

Please note: you will need a compressor and an air hose to use this airbrush.

Draper 25989 6-Piece Air Brush Kit
A quality air brush for detailed work such as automotive designs, model makers, graphic artists, etc.

The spray pattern is adjustable from 3-50 mm, operating pressure 15-50 psi (1.03-3.5 bar).

Box Contains: -
1 x Air brush
1 x 50 cc jar with cover
1 x 22 cc jar with cover
1 x Standard propellant regulator valve
1 x 1.8 m air hose
1 x 1/4-inch (F) x 1/8-inch (M) connector

Silverline Air Brush Hobby Kit
Simple, single-action trigger airbrush for general purpose hobby and model work.

Variable pattern and paint flow is adjusted by the venturi nozzle.

Can be powered by propellant canister or with a compressor if prolonged use is required.

Professional Airbrush Gun Type 136
Professional Airbrush Gun Type 136 with double-action-function This professional airbrush gun is not suitable only for pros.

The model is particularly suitable for ample and uniform application of paint, for roughly pigmented paints and paintwork, due to the nozzle diameter of 0,3 mm and the big paint cup.

The required paint-flow volume can be adjusted with the adjusting screw at the end of the handle.

Needle system rust-free
Nozzle diameter 0,30mm
Working pressure 1 up to 3,4bar
Cup capacity 2ml metal
Length 147mm
Box dimensions 51 x 39 x 28cm

Mini Airbrush Compressor Kit
Features: ·Portable & lightweight. ·Thermally protected. ·Low noise. ·Auto stop. ·Pressure-adjustable.

Specifications: ·Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor ·Power: 1/5 HP ·Voltage: 220-240V / 50HZ ·Air output per min./litres: 23L/min ·Auto stop, start at 30 psi, stop at 60 psi ·Fitting: manometer; pressure regulator; air filter ·Connections connection 1/8'' BSP

Net Weight: 3.6KG
Dimension: 245X135X170mm

HS30 Airbrush · Dual action Airbrush · Feed Type: Gravity · Nozzle: Dia. 0.2mm, 0.3mm (normal 0.3mm) · Cup Capacity: 7CC · Working Pressure: 15~30PSI

Also a 3mt Braided Airbrush hose 1/8" both Ends + 2 Airbrush Holder

Mini-Compressor model AS18-2
The ideal, high-performant equipment for the airbrush, for beginners and pros, for model-making, ceramic, pottery, cosmetic, fingernails, helmets, technical illustrations, tanning, tattoos, textile, nail art - studios, working with water colours or just for airbrushing etc.

Easy and portable. Very low noise level only approx. 47dB.

Compressor operates fully automatically and mostly pulsation free, oil free and therefore no polluted air.

Airbrush Kit AS186
Airbrush Kit with compressor (with tank) and 2 double action airbrushes and hose.

Air compressor AS186, together with airbrush, can be widely used in craftwork spraying, cosmetics, tanning, hobbies/models, fingernail painting, and general airbrushing.

Piston structure; smart and applied, and be suitable to cooperate with all kind of airbrush.

Cute shape mini air compressor AS186K-1 is especially suitable for cosmetics and airbrush nail.

Double-safety protection inside; it will discharge the pressure to control the pressure in a certain scope; a hot protection equipment inside, so the motor will shut down when the temperature over hot accidentally.