Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb - BE505
(Originally '5403')

The Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb – ‘5403’, was manufactured by Canada Car and Foundry Company Limited in Langley, Canada, and served as a home based fighter with the RCAF 135 squadron from 1942 to 1945.

‘5403’ was decommissioned after the war, refurbished and sold in June 1947. Most aircraft sold in Canada were used for ‘spares’ to keep farm equipment going but fortunately ‘5403’ survived mostly intact until being discovered in 1991 by Hawker Restorations who then transported her over to the United Kingdom.

Peter Teichman bought ‘5403’ and restoration began in 2005 by Hawker Restorations Ltd and after 28,000 man hours she was completed and ready for her first flight as ‘BE505’ on 27th January 2009 from North Weald airfield, to be flown by Stuart Goldspink.

The Hurricane Mk.IIb, had a more powerful Merlin engine (Packard Merlin 29 fitted in BE505) and more effective armament than the Mk.I Hurricanes. The 'b' wings were capable of housing twelve 0.303" Browning machine guns but were generally reduced to ten when carrying either two 250lb or 500lb bombs, indeed this latter configuration is that of 'BE505'. When equiped with bombs the Hurricane was know as a 'Hurribomber'

Hurricane ‘5404’ has been repainted in the colour scheme of RAF serial number 'BE505' ‘XP-L’ which had been issued to 174 squadron at Manston, Kent, which was formed from Hurribombers in March 1942.

‘BE505’ saw action during the Dieppe amphibious landing on 19th August 1942 piloted by Flight Sergeant C. Bryce Watson who was shot down by flak, although he survived the experience he was captured and became a prisoner of war.

Hurricane Mk.IIb BE505 ('5403') 'XP-L' is part of Peter Teichman's "Hangar 11 Collection" based at North Weald.

Specifications (Mk.IIb): -
Length:32ft 3in
Wingspan:40ft 0in
Height:13ft 1½in
Empty Weight:5,745lb
Oper. Weight:7,670lb
Max. Weight:8,710lb
Engine:Packard Merlin 29
Max. Speed:301mph
Range:465 mile
Ceiling Height:36,000ft
Climb Rate:2,780ft/min
Armament: -
Machine Guns:10 x 0.303" Browning
Bombs:2 x 250lb or 500lb
Closeup of Wing Racks (1 each wing)
©Nigel Key Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb - BE505

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb - 5403, which is part of the 'Hangar 11 collection', photographed at Kemble Air Show 2010 bearing the reproduced colour scheme of XP-L (BE505) which was a 'Hurribomber' of 174 squadron based at Manston, Kent.

BE505 was flown by Flight Sergeant C. Bryce Watson during the Dieppe amphibious landing on 19th August 1942. He was shot down by flak, he survived the experience but unfortunalely was captured and became a prisoner of war.

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Photographs © Nigel Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.

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