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Yakolevs                          BBMF

The AeroStars' team consist of one Super Yak-52 and five Yak-50 aircraft.

The Aerostars are one of the longest serving civilian teams still flying in the UK, with 4 members of the team having flown in every season!

The sight and sound of the Aerostarsí six radial engined Yaks, with their breathtaking routine of close formation aerobatics, synchronised and opposition manoeuvres has delighted airshow audiences since 1997.

The Display Routine
The display routine will be further improved from previous displays flown by the team throughout the UK and Europe.

The display commences with a series of full formation aerobatic figures starting from behind the crowd AeroStars are the only display team in the UK authorised to do this by the CAA.

The Aerostars remain the largest civilian team in the UK and the 6 aircraft aerobatics are not matched by any other team in the UK! The display will also feature aerobatics by smaller elements of the team.

Complex vertical aerobatics, opposition passes and figures, and gyroscopic manoeuvres will be flown by 3 and 2 aircraft formations. In addition, their soloist will demonstrate the power, grace and vertical abilities of the Yak 50

Watch out for full formation downwards bomb-burst and their exciting 6 aircraft on-crowd break to finish both photo opportunities not to be missed!
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Display Pilots: -
Mark Rijske - Aerostar Lead
Gabriel Barton - Aerostar 2
Jeff Stow - Aerostar 3
Andy Hammond - Aerostar 4
Dave Boardman - Aerostar 5
Phil Ansell - Aerostar 6
Mark Levy - Aerostar 7
Gene Wilson - Reserve Pilot.
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©Dave Key AeroStars (Cosford 2004)

The AeroStars team consisting of a YAK-52 and YAK-50 aircraft photographed during a dispaly at Cosford 2004.

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Yakolevs                          BBMF
Photographs ©Dave Key, Click thumbnail to enlarge.
AeroStars (Cosford 2004) AeroStars (Cosford 2004) AeroStars (Cosford 2004)
Cosford 2004
Cosford 2004
Cosford 2004

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