Rank: Leutnant

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Pilot Officer / Second Lieutenant

Rank Structure: Leutnant was the lowest commissioned rank in the Luftwaffe and ranks immediately below Oberleutnant.

Rank: Oberleutnant

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Flying Officer / First Lieutenant

Rank Structure: Oberleutnant ranks above Leutnant and immediately below Hauptmann

Rank: Hauptmann

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Flight Lieutenant / Captain

Rank Structure: Hauptmann ranks above Oberleutnant and immediately below Major

Rank: Major

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Squadron Leader / Major

Rank Structure: Major ranks above Hauptmann and immediately below Oberstleutnant

Rank: Oberstleutnant

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Wing Commander / Lieutenant Colonel

Rank Structure: Oberstleutnant ranks above Major and immediately below Oberst

Rank: Oberst

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Group Captain / Colonel

Rank Structure: Oberst ranks above Oberstleutnant and immediately below Generalmajor

Rank: Generalmajor

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Air Commodore / Brigadier General

Rank Structure: Generalmajor ranks above Oberst and immediately below Generalleutnant

Rank: Generalleutnant

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Air Vice Marshall / Major General

Rank Structure: Generalleutnant ranks above Generalmajor and immediately below General der Flieger

Rank: General der Flieger

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Air Marshall / Lieutenant General

Rank Structure: General der Flieger ranks above Generalleutnant and immediately below Generaloberst

Rank: Generaloberst

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Air Chief Marshall / General (4 Star)

Rank Structure: Generaloberst ranks above General der Flieger and immediately below Generalfeldmarschall

Rank: Generalfeldmarschall

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: Marshal of the RAF / General (5 Star)

Rank Structure: Generalfeldmarschall ranks above Generaloberst and immediately below Reichsmarschall der Luftwaffe

Rank: Reichsmarschall der Luftwaffe

Equivalent RAF/USAAF Rank: No Equivalent

Rank Structure: Reichsmarschall der Luftwaffe was the highest rank in the Luftwaffe

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