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Farnborough in Hampshire has a biennial commercial airshow that lasts for 7 days concluding with a public display on the final weekend. There is a mixture of modern civilian and military aircraft from around the world.

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Avro 707 & Vulcans
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Farnborough is the oldest active airfield in the UK and is home to the Royal Aerospace Establishment (RAE) which tests and develops different aircraft types. Damaged aircraft are often brought here for accident investigation.

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Farnborough History
In 1905 the British Army's Balloon School was formed at Farnborough, with the site being associated with aircraft and airships since 1908 when the Balloon Equipment Store was moved from Greenwich and renamed the HM Balloon Factory.

In 1908 the first powered flight in Great Britain was made at Farnborough, by a man called Cowboy Cody. Cody is recorded as having flown just over 304 metre (1000 feet) at 20 miles per hour (32km per hour).

The Royal Aircraft Factory was also based at Farnborough which engaged in design and construction of aircraft for the War Office. They also did Research and Development (R&D) work with most of the aeroplanes built during the First World War being built at Farnborough.

During World War II there was development work in all area such as bomb sights, camera equipment, and rocket projectiles. Captured enemy aircraft were also evaluated there.

After the war Farnborough had established itself as the world's foremost aerospace R&D institution and also gained prestige through its hosting of the biennial 10 day air show which concludes with a public air display on the final weekend. The sound barrier was also broken at Farnborough in 1948 by John Derry.

Today, Farnborough operates many different aircraft types for testing, development and experimental purposes. Accident-damaged aircraft are usually brought here for causual investigation by the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB). Farnborough is also home to the Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM) which investigates how flying effects the human body.

Farnborough Airfield has been home to the Farnborough Airshow since 1948, when it opened its gates to the public for the first time.

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Farnborough Air Show 14th-15th July 2012

The Farnborough Airshow is held every two years. The last show was in 2010 and the next will be open from 9th-15th July 2012 with the public days being on the weekend from 14th-15th July 2012.
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