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RAF Cosford in Shropshire hosts a popular air display in the Midlands. The display usually consists of a good mixture of RAF, warbirds, display teams, and usually a foreign visitor.

 (Cosford 200)  (Cosford 200)
Multi-role Demo - Cosford 2007

It is also home to the Aerospace museum which is an extension to the main museum at Hendon. The museum includes research & development airframes, missile collections, and captured enemy aircraft such as the Argentine FMA IA 58 Pucara.

One aircraft of the collection is the Avro Lincoln which is supposedly haunted.

The new national cold war exhibition, housed in a new building, can also be found at RAF Cosford.

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Cosford History
The Aerospace Museum at RAF Cosford began as a regional collection of aircraft that was looked after by the Royal Air Force and opened to the public only on an occasional basis. In 1979 the Trustees of the Royal Air Force Museum accepted management and since then the collection has grown extensively.

The collection which includes not just aircraft but also missiles, captured enemy aircraft, engines etc, is an extension to the main museum at Hendon. Its collection of early missiles and rocketry is the largest and most extensive in the world.

Aircraft in the collection include the English Electric P1 which was the first British aircraft to exceed Mach 1 in level flight on 11 august 1954. Also in the collection is the TSR2 Tactical Strike Reconnaissance aircraft which was conceived in 1956 as a replacement for the Canberra. It employed a sophisticated navigation system that allowed it to fly at low level in all weather by avoiding obstructions automatically. Low level cruising speed was Mach 0.9 to 1.1 with a high altitude speed of Mach 2.5. Unfortunately the Government cancelled the TSR2 programme because of costs and failure to meet its deadline.

The museum also contains the Messerschmitt Me262, the worlds first operational jet fighter and the Messerschmitt Me163 Komet which in 1941 was fitted with a rocket motor and flew in speeds in excess of 620mph.

In February 2007, the Princess Royal opened the new National Cold War Exhibition at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford. The National Cold War Exhibition is the first major and permanent exhibition to focus solely on the Cold War story. Revealing tensions that tormented the great super powers as well as the people of the world for a large part of the 20th century.

You can see Britain's three V-bombers: Vulcan, Victor and Valiant and many other aircraft from the cold war period. Audio visual displays and kiosks tell the story in a fun and innovative way.

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Cosford Air Show
17th June 2012
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Contact Information
RAF Cosford

Telephone: 01902 372393

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Cosford 2010 ©Dave Key - - Click here to view gallery
Dutch F-16A (Cosford 2010) Hawker Hunter (Cosford 2010) Spitfire Mk.IX (Cosford 2010)
Dutch F-16A
Hawker Hunter
Spitfire Mk.IX

Cosford 2009 ©Dave Key - - Click here to view gallery
T-28 Fennec (Cosford 2009) Spitfire Mk.IXe (Cosford 2009) Hurricane Mk.I (Cosford 2009)
T-28 Fennec
Spitfire Mk.IXe
Hurricane Mk.I

Cosford 2008 ©Dave Key - - Click here to view gallery
Tornado F3 (Cosford 2008) Great War team (Cosford 2008) The Blades (Cosford 2008)
Tornado F3
Great War team
The Blades

Cosford 2007 ©Nigel Key - - Click here to view gallery
Me 109 'Buchon' (Cosford 2007) Hurricane Mk.IIc (Cosford 2007) Multi-role Demo (Cosford 2007)
Me 109 'Buchon'
Hurricane Mk.IIc
Multi-role Demo

Cosford 2006 ©Dave Key - - Click here to view gallery
P-51 Mustang (Cosford 2006) Hawker Hunter (Cosford 2006) Xtreme Team (Cosford 2006)
P-51 Mustang
Hawker Hunter
Xtreme Team

Cosford 2005 ©Dave Key - - Click here to view gallery
P-51 Mustang (Cosford 2005) Utterly Butterlys (Cosford 2005) Sea Fury (Cosford 2005)
P-51 Mustang
Utterly Butterlys
Sea Fury

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